Research Urbanization Dynamics in East Africa: Insights from Malawi


PhD Session, researching urbanization dynamic in east Africa: insights from Malawi. Wednesday 13/02 at the 7:45 pm – 10:30pm The Hargeisa Culture Center (HCC)

Dr. Jama Musse gave the details of this Academic dialogue event and importance of south -north and south-south research cooperation introducing Donald Brown talking on urbanization In Malawi and Dr. Jama welcoming the stage Donald Brown.

Dr. Donald Brown from the Development Planning Unit (DPU), University College London (UCL) has shared his research experience on his research titled “Researching Urbanization Dynamics in East Africa: Insights from Malawi”. Also will sharing his research experience on his research title “Researching urban urbanization dynamic in east Africa: insights from Malawi”.

Dr. Donald Brown on importance of understanding in analysis on urbanization dynamics in East Africa which insight from his PhD research in Malawi

After that questions and discussion session on Urbanization in Malawi will be started and the People asked for more questions,

Dr.  Jama Muse ‘’ how increasing urbanization shrinks pace and whether similarity blue Somaliland and Malawi in this case ’’

Dr.Donald Brown  reflecting on the question ‘’ Urbanization involves of communal interaction that not necessarily involves   neighborhood bot villages ‘’

Dr.Donald Brown also pointed that this settlements are not result of modern urbanization ones but they are very traditional and customary settlements.

Infrastructure component: responding to a question by a participant about the infrastructure component of the of the urbanization process Donald explained how urbanization process involved a whole range of socio-economic transformations that are important to note , because of this new settlements new trade centers and small business emerge

Pointed Gender division of labor in the process, Centrality of statistics and how it’s the discus

Regarding settlements. He explained that last governmental statistics was curveted in 2009

Fiscal planning explained ‘‘there are limited numbers of urbanization planners that operate in the country but its increasing in number. Also pointed urbanization and crime increase : some participants pointed out that increase of urbanization directly increases the rate of crimes committed by armed youth gangs who repeatedly commit petty crimes such as mobile thefts and so on .’’


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