PhD Days at Hargeysa Cultural Center


PhD Days at Hargeisa Cultural Center

Academic dialogue in Hargeisa is the first academic dialog forum in Hargeisa Somaliland. It aims to assist in the production of knowledge in the field of Somali studies, also to act as a network for student and scholars during fieldwork in Hargeisa. Similarly, ADIH aims to help scholars gain a better, more nuanced understanding of Somaliland as a subject of study whilst exposing students to a wealth of locally produced knowledge.

The idea of the “PhD Days at HCC” on Somali related academic studies is also to prepare the ground for the 40th anniversary of the Somali Studies International Congress which, is due to take place in Hargeisa in July 2018. The congress builds up on blocks of academic disciplines consolidated through sectorial meetings based on research area that includes but not limited to;

  • linguistics and literature
  • Anthropology & History
  • Political & development areas 4) Migration & Diaspora
  • Indigenous knowledge and knowledge production
  • other social science and religion;
  • Science and new technology

The forum is also aiming at creating a profiled publication of series of research area summaries by compiling each seminar or single scholar meeting and produce a report and “Notes” towards 2018 Somali studies Congress. The Seminars take place fortnightly on Wednesdays, starting at 7:45pm with a short introduction of the presenting PhD student followed by presentation that lasts approximately 30 minutes which opens up the round table discussion. The structure of the forum dominates the experience sharing, suggestions and concrete constructive critics with inputs to the presenter.

The attendants of this forum are mainly PhD students as it aims to make a strong link among them in a way of informing “who” is working on “what area”, but the forum also has a space for local and international undergraduate students who are in strong aspiration to follow the academic path.  Beyond this, the mailing list also includes internationally renowned scholars who have been and still are working on Somali/Somaliland issues in all domains of academics who also take part in presenting their published works which sums up the overall objective of the forum as it connects, provide open stage for concrete discussion and shoes the end tunnel with such finished and published works as a motivating input.



The Hargeysa Cultural Center was opened in August 2014 in Hargeysa, Somaliland. The Center was established by Redsea Cultural Foundation (RCF). Since its establishment, the Hargeysa Cultural Center has become an important feature in Hargeysa’s cultural landscape. The success of the center owes much to the respect that RCF has gained from its work on running the annual Hargeysa International Book Fair, which, now in its eighth year, has become one of the most admired cultural events in the region.

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