A day to remember HCC has a permanent space

Somaliland Government has assigned a plot of land to the Hargeysa Cultural Centre. We had the privilege to work with, and get their assistance, Minister for Information, Guidance and Culture; Minister of Religious Affairs; Minister of Public Work and Housing, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Planning, Minister for Presidency and the Mayor of the Capital, to secure this space for the Culture and Art in Somaliland. We are thankful.
We were lucky to get support and assistance from our former board member and now Minister for Environment Shukri H Ali Bandare and we are thankful.
We got support and assistance, sometimes donations but also othertimes the very needed urgent loan, from Somaliland business people, among them Daallo Airlines, Dahabshiil Group of Companies and Telesom; but also from other friends of the HCC who provided rescue hand when we were close to give up.
I want to thank all of you, and in particularly thank those who joined  this morning the board, the staff, the volunteers and friends of HCC, to celebrate the foundation of the future Center.
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The Hargeysa Cultural Center was opened in August 2014 in Hargeysa, Somaliland. The Center was established by Redsea Cultural Foundation (RCF). Since its establishment, the Hargeysa Cultural Center has become an important feature in Hargeysa’s cultural landscape. The success of the center owes much to the respect that RCF has gained from its work on running the annual Hargeysa International Book Fair, which, now in its eighth year, has become one of the most admired cultural events in the region.

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