Book: Sooyaal: Ina Cabdalla Xasan ma Sheekh buu ahaa mise …?”

17 December 2014
Author: Cabdiraxmaan C. Faarax ‘Barwaaqo’
The book is focusing on a historical figure, a personality who fought against the colonial forces at the turn of the past century, Ina Cabdule Xasan, the the title of barwaaqo’s book, sheds light on some aspects of this freedom fighter in areas hitherto unknown to the majority of the Somali public,.
Was Cabdale Xasan, the great Somali Poet and fighter a preacher or a warrior will be issues that will continue to rage now and time to come. More…

The Mystery of the Land of Punt Unraveled

Date: November, Wednesday 26
“The Mystery of the Land of Punt Unraveled”, written by Axmed Ibrahim Awale, contains possible evidences and persuasive arguments to cause a stir among historians (Egyptologists in particular). It uncovers and exposes archeological findings in an area that has never been thought to have historical significance. This place where these findings are based is Hargeysa, the capital of Somaliland. While the information in this book shall mark a bold step that probably could bring the long standing argument on the location of the mysterious Land of Punt to a close by pinpointing it on the Somali peninsula, it also generates new hypotheses on, among other things, the origin of ancient Egyptians, and to some extent the cradle of the Afro-Asiatic family of languages and the dispersal of its speakers. More…

Book launch “Aleen”

Wednesday, 19th. November. 2014

‘Aleen’ is Saddaam Carab’s second book of collection of short stories. He published “Baraarug” in 2013. This new collection of short stories cover more social and current civic issues focusing in particularly on youth. Born in Balliyalay (Ethiopia) in the end of 1990, Saddaam Carab studied in Hargeysa where he grew up and now works as an IT expert. Balliyalay was one of the refugee camps in Ethiopia where Somalilanders got shelter during the devastating war in 1988.


Book launch and a new series of books

Wednesday, 5th. November. 2014
Hargeysa Cultural Centre hosted the launch of “Kadabgooye”, the debut book by Barkhad M Kariye. Over hundred young people attended the ceremony. Saddam Hussein, author of Baraarug, chaired the event and Hoodo Ayan Suldan, director of Mohamed Moge Centre, who already read the book, presented it as respondent to the discussion. Kadabgoye is about ‘Qaad’ (Khat), and it Barkhad Mohamud Kariye, the author, has read some of stories in the book. The event concluded with lively debate about the consequences of the use of Qaad within Somaliland society.

Hoodo Ayaan, Saddaam Xuseen, Barkhad M Kaariye



The Hargeysa Cultural Center was opened in August 2014 in Hargeysa, Somaliland. The Center was established by Redsea Cultural Foundation (RCF). Since its establishment, the Hargeysa Cultural Center has become an important feature in Hargeysa’s cultural landscape. The success of the center owes much to the respect that RCF has gained from its work on running the annual Hargeysa International Book Fair, which, now in its eighth year, has become one of the most admired cultural events in the region.

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