Become a member

HCCWe depend on member support to continue providing services to our community. Membership grants access to our space and resources, strengthens the mutual understanding between the organizers and the beneficiaries of our services, and opens channels of communication to allow us to continue improving the services and resources we provide.

The HCC offers four levels of membership for regular visitors and supporters of our work.

Members [white card] Fee: 5 USD / year
Benefits include access to basic services, including the library, reading rooms, the art gallery, and all free events hosted by the center

Plus: For an additional $5 members get one library loan at a time.

Friends of the HCC [yellow card] Fee: 50 USD/ year
Benefits include up to two library loans at a time, access to digital archives, and priority event seating in addition to member benefits.

Supporters of the HCC [red card] Fee: 100 USD/ year
Benefits include reserved seating at events (upon request), extended book loans, and Friends benefits.

HCC Ambassador [green card] Fee: 500 USD/ year
In addition to Supporter benefits, Ambassadors may reserve our spaces for private events and are recognized with a plaque at the center.

Please consider becoming an official member of the HCC by selecting your preferred membership level and returning your completed application.

HCC membership application form