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Photography Course 20017

The course Redsea Cultural Foundation (RCF) is running a short course on photography on the 17th- 20th July 2017 in Hargeysa as part of the 10th Hargeysa International Book Fair. Places are limited to 10 students for the course and the deadline for the submission of application is before the …

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Public talk At Hargeysa Cultural Centre By Dr. Anjanette DeCarlo.


Frankincense (Boswellia carterii, B. frereana) resin harvesting has a deep historical and cultural heritage in Somaliland, providing economic benefits for centuries. Today the resins are highly relevant in the global economy, with applications in cosmetics, aromatherapy, and emerging medical and therapeutic applications. Thus, the frankincense forests are key cultural and …

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Resdsea Cultural Foundation is pleased to invite you to a public talk at Hargeysa Cultural Centre by Dr. Anjanette DeCarlo.


The title of her talk is “FRANKINCENSE IN PERIL – Analysis of Resin Economy in Somaliland”. The event will take place Wednesday, 19th October, 2016. — 19.30-21.30. Frankincense (Boswellia carterii, B. frereana) resin harvesting has a deep historical and cultural heritage in Somaliland, providing economic benefits for centuries. Today the resins are highly relevant in the …

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A day to remember HCC has a permanent space


Somaliland Government has assigned a plot of land to the Hargeysa Cultural Centre. We had the privilege to work with, and get their assistance, Minister for Information, Guidance and Culture; Minister of Religious Affairs; Minister of Public Work and Housing, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Planning, Minister for Presidency and …

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Gudagalka dhuuxa maansada iyo falsafadda ab-ogaaga ah


Wada falanqaynta kowaad: “Sirta Nolosha”, Hadraawi. Habeenka Isniinta 10ka Oktoober ee ay Salaasadu soo galayso. Ka soo feker adiguna mawduuca, soona akhri ama soo dhagayso “Sirta Nolosha”, Hadraawi, oo kaalay kala hadal Rooble Cabdi Muuse iyo in kale oo badan.

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Researchers meeting at Hargeysa Cultural Center


Hargeysa Cultural Center hosted an evening of networking for researchers working on Somali studies coming from Somaliland, Somalia, UK, USA and Ethiopia. Several universities, including University of Hargeysa, Puntland State University, University College London and Bristol University as well as partner institutions including Rift Valley Institute and Progressio attended the informal …

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The Somaliland Camel Corps: The forgotten Soldiers


By Dr. Adan Yusuf Abokor Redsea Cultural Foundation presented on the evening of 10th Feb 2016 ‘Somaliland Camel Corps: The Forgotten Soldiers’ at Hargeysa Cultural Centre. This one-hour documentary, produced by Iman Sheel alongside with Sahan Society Centre in the UK, pays tribute to all the Somaliland heroes who fought …

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